I’m a little bit Woo-Woo and a whole lot of Heart. I love to write meaty stories full of hope. My dream is to empower women through the medium of story…and then maybe while I’m at it, empower myself too.

But let’s go back a few decades…

I used to love to dance and climb trees and chase my older cousins around the farm yard.

I loved to read and watch TV and play pretend with my huge assortment of dolls.

But then I grew up and became self-conscious and shy and more concerned with how others perceived me than concerned with who I wanted to be.

How many of us have never gone through that stage? Probably only a handful because, well, life is hard and we just all want to be liked. Right?

To make a long story short, I grew up with two parents, four siblings, got married, and then had two of the cutest boys ever. Somewhere along the way, growing flowers, taking pictures, and hiking in the mountains got added to my list of obsessions. Oh, and let’s not forget eating cake.

Now I spend my days writing, going for long walks, and writing an official bio (which you’ll find in my books).

Official Bio

Sheila Seabrook writes stories with heart and humor from her home on the beautiful Canadian prairies. Her books are filled with smart, sassy women, the hot men who love them, and a wild assortment of family members guaranteed to try to steal the show.

When Sheila’s not writing, she can usually be found in her favorite chair doing research (her code word for reading) or devising multiple excuses to avoid cooking, laundry, housework, and shoveling the snow. She does, however, love to shop for flowers in the spring, and spends copious hours digging in the dirt to plant them…although her marriage contract clearly stipulates that her husband must pull the weeds.

Her mission in life is to give readers emotional stories and unforgettable characters, a relaxing treat for the end of the day. And if she can help them escape the laundry pile, she’s totally on board.

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